Water Playground designed by RS+ in Tychy, Poland. Photography Tomasz Zakrzewski
One of the main design intents was to match the Water Playground into the landscape. Location and contour of the basin suited to the existing trees were based on functional-utility program developed by "Aquater". We decided to use exotic wood on the floor in front of...
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Thermal Springs Pools Poça da Donna Beija designed by M - Arquitectos in Furnas, Sao Miguel, Azores, Portugal / Photography © Paulo Goulart
Recently completed Thermal Springs Pools 'Poça da Dona Beija' designed and re-envisioned by M-Arquitectos in Portugal. Poça da Dona Beija reconfiguration have improved the security conditions and the preservation of the complexity of this natural resources. Dona Beija has been one of most popular places in...
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Darling Quarter: water play elements including water jets
Darling Quarter designed by ASPECT Studios in Sydney’s Darling Harbour is one of Australia’s most visited destinations. Commissioned for a government body, this major 1.5 hectare place-making project for Sydney includes new public parks, two 6-star commercial buildings with a new...
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