Hyllie Plaza designed by Landscape Architect Thorbjörn Andersson and Sweco Architects in Malmo, Sweden
No tree is more characteristic of Scania, Sweden's southernmost province, than the beech — and no other species bears such a strong association with its home region. The horizontal branch structure that supports its canopy, paired with the equally horizontal orientation of its leaves, produces a quality that is...
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National Arboretum Canberra by Taylor Cullity Lethlean
The National Arboretum Canberra designed by Taylor Cullity Lethlean, redefines the meaning of a public garden in the 21st Century. It comprises 100 forests of endangered tree species from around the world on a 250 hectare former fire ravaged site. In 2004 following devastating fires in...
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Plumeria rubra / Frangipani, Nosegay - Spiraling flowers detail from Perth, Australia © Renesis
Plumeria is a small genus in the allamanda family (Apocynaceae), comprised of deciduous and evergreen tropical shrubs and small trees. There are almost 400 registered Plumerias. The genus, originally spelled Plumeria, is named in honor of the 17th century French botanist Charles Plumier, who traveled to...
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Sesbania grandiflora red flower variant / Hummingbird tree, Scarlet Wisteria © Viky Nandha
Sesbania is a genus in the pea family, Fabaceae. It is wide spread in the tropical and subtropical regions. Sesbania grandiflora var. coccinea is the red variant of S. grandiflora which is white. It is synonym to Sesban grandiflorus, Aeschynomene grandiflora, Agati grandiflora, Robinia grandiflora....
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Araucaria araucana / Monkey Puzzle Tree - leaves detail © AW/Shapedscape
Araucarias are about 19 species of ancient coniferous trees in the Araucariaceae family. Araucaria araucana (syn. A. imbricata) is native to the south of Chile hence one of its common names Chilian Pine. It is believed that this tree was part of the landscape in the dinosaurs era, about...
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Callistemon citrinus / Bottlebrush Shrub - Flower Spike and Polinating Bees detail © AW/Shapedscape
Callistemon is a genus of about 30 species of evergreen shrubs of the myrtle (Myrtaceae) family native to Australia. The leaves are leathery and lanceolate spiralling around the stems. The evergreen foliage doesn't change color but the new leaves usually have shades of pink or silver. The...
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