View from city balcony / Arnhem Central Station designed by Bureau B+B urbanism and landscape architecture, UNStudio and Atelier Lek in The Netherlands © Frank Hanswijk
Arnhem is entering a new phase in its existence with a spectacular new station. Various transport flows — trains, busses, trams, cars, pedestrian and cyclists — converge here in an urban landscape that focuses on facilitating encounters. Architecture office UNStudio drew up the masterplan for the station area and...
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Trammplatz Hannover designed by Kamel Louafi Landscape Architects in Hannover, Germany
The Trammplatz in front of the Hanover city hall will be reshaped into a representative place. The historical frame will be preserved, such as the driveway, the balustrades, candelabras, steps as well as the protected trees and the fountain. The forecourt, with the more than 100...
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Public Square in the Historical Center of Ripoll designed by Comas-Pont Arquitectes in Ripoll, Girona, Spain
In the last years, the historical center of Ripoll has been adapted to pedestrians in different interventions, they are so different from each other and have been designed with different ideas and materials. Comas-Pont Arquitectes proposed to extend pedestrian's zone to the most representative squares of...
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Mills Beach Revitalization / Praia dos Moinhos designed by M - Arquitectos in Porto Formoso, Ilha de Sao Miguel, Portugal © Paulo Goulart
Mills Beach 'Praia dos Moinhos' revitalization project was designed by M - Arquitectos in 2007. The major meaning of the project given was to empathize the small place memoires, but knowing the need of improving and qualify the pedestrian access and the bath facilities in the...
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Vanke Oriental Legend designed by Z + T Studio in Xi'an, Shaanxi, China © Hai ZHANG
Xi'an's Vanke Oriental Legend is located at the well-known Qujiang New District which is rich of cultural heritages. The project is composed of an entry plaza and a commercial street. Z + T Studio's major challenge for this project was to design a well-functional landscape with...
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Thermal Springs Pools Poça da Donna Beija designed by M - Arquitectos in Furnas, Sao Miguel, Azores, Portugal / Photography © Paulo Goulart
Recently completed Thermal Springs Pools 'Poça da Dona Beija' designed and re-envisioned by M-Arquitectos in Portugal. Poça da Dona Beija reconfiguration have improved the security conditions and the preservation of the complexity of this natural resources. Dona Beija has been one of most popular places in...
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Birch Trees / Ribbons designed by Cliff Garten Studio at the 50 United Nations Plaza Building in San Francisco, United States
Ribbons, San Francisco, CA, is a site specific artwork for the Art and Architecture Program of the GSA, Courtyard of the Federal Building at 50 United Nations Plaza. The courtyard design by Cliff Garten Studio transforms the classical symmetry of the 1932 Arthur Brown design by...
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Village of Yorkville Park designed by Martha Schwartz Partners in Toronto, Canada
MSP's landscape design for Yorkville Park is an interpretation of the 19th Century practice of bringing specimens of the native landscape into the city as typified by the tradition of the Victorian 'box collections' of insects, fossils, bones, etc. Using this theme, the design reflects, reinforces, and extends the...
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Stone Pagoda designed by a21studio in Nha Trang, Vietnam
a21studio has recently completed a Stone Pagoda located in one of the lush parks of the coastal city of Nha Trang in Vietnam. 'In 588 BC, Siddhartha attained a fully enlightened being under the Bodhi tree and then taught the Buddhism to people. Many people have...
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The Canadian Firefighters Memorial designed by PLANT Architect Inc. in Ottawa, Canada © Steven Evans
The Canadian Firefighters Memorial is located at the site of the capital's devastating fire of 1900. This urban-planning memorial ensemble was collaboratively designed by PLANT Architect Inc. and Canadian visual artist and novelist Douglas Coupland. The team won the national competition hosted by the Canadian Fallen Firefighters Foundation (CFFF)...
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North Diaoyutai Development designed by Martha Schwartz Partners in Beijing, China
Martha Schwartz Partners have been commissioned by Beijing Changshi Oriental Land to produce a landscape vision for the North Diaoyutai Development at Yanqi (Swan) Lake, 50km north of Beijing, China. The project comprises a spa hotel designed by Tadao Ando, surrounded by two residential communities. The...
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Park Valdefierro designed by Hector Fernandez Elorza and Manuel Fernandez Ramirez in Zaragoza, Spain
The major decisions concerning the Valdefierro Park Project in Zaragoza were determined by the opportunities afforded by the context of the site itself. On the one hand, the soil where the park was to be situated was considerably degraded. An L-shaped strip of land covering 11...
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