Render / Where the River Runs designed by Penda for the 10th International Garden Expo in Wuhan, China
Where the River Runs proposal designed by Penda was second prize winner in international design competition for the 10th international Garden Expo in Wuhan, China. The landscape pavilion reminiscent of riverbed topography, is an interactive garden installation that gives visitors the chance to be the water guided by mother...
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BREATHE.AUSTRIA Pavilion designed by Terrain for EXPO 2015 in Milan, Italy © Daniele Madia
breathe.austria - prototype for future urban practices Slowly, we are all beginning to realize that we are living in a world in which we are fundamentally influencing and changing the rhythms, dynamics and workings of the natural world. We ourselves have become a force upon nature...
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Se mouiller (La belle échappée) designed by Groupe A / Annexe U for the International Garden Festival Grand Metis / Reford Gardens 2015
Grab a pair of rain boots and be prepared for the buzz; an interactive aquatic garden designed by Groupe A / Annexe U surprises at the 16th International Garden Festival in Grand-Métis, Canada. Selected among the 309 submissions from 34 countries to participate at the 16th...
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LE BON ARBRE AU BON ENDROIT "Souvenir d'enfance" by NIPpaysage / International Garden Festival Jardins des Metis - Reford Gardens in Quebec, Canada
The twenty conceptual gardens presented at the 16th International Garden Festival at the Jardins de Métis / Reford Gardens in the Gaspésie region of Québec will create a real "buzz" in 2015.
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15 Knots - temporary installation - designed by ATLAS Lab for the Jardins de Metis 2012-2013, Canada
15 Knots was a temporary garden installation designed by ATLAS Lab and Forbes Lipschitz for the Jardins de Métis 2012 competition in Quebec, Canada. "Winds are advertisements of all they touch, however much or little we may be able to read them; telling their wanderings ever...
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Bloom Pavilion designed by NAS Architecture for the Chaumont-sur-Loire International Garden Festival  in France
Based on this year's thematic 'Gardens of the 7 Deadly Sins' of the Chaumont-sur-Loire International Garden Festival, the Bloom Pavilion designed by NAS Architecture creates an abstract and fairy space between profusion and restraint. Exploiting contrasts of colors and volumes, a large slender table wraps around the object of...
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North of 60 designed by Shift Landscape Architecture  - displayed at Canada Blooms
North of 60 designed by Shift Landscape Architecture is a unique show garden inspired by the frozen landscape of the arctic. The arctic landscape is a wild environment in both reality and imagination. It is a place of lore and legend for the multiple cultures, which...
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Sacred Grove Garden designed by Wilson McWilliam Studio at the Singapore Garden Festival 2014
The Sacred Grove Garden was designed by Wilson McWilliam Studio for the Singapore Garden Festival 2014. At the core of the Sacred Grove lies the universal concept of a space that is both spiritual and reflective explored through the conjugation of simple elements composed to create...
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