Grønnegade Square in Odense, Denmark. Designer by MASU Planning
Grønnegade has been redesigned to become a square worthy of its place in front of the art museum and culture institution of Brandts in the centre of Odense. A new diverse city space for activity and recreation. Its diversity is seemingly hidden in the simple spacial design, but is...
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Buro Lubbers Mathildeplein Eindhoven
Green square offers peace and quiet in hectic city centre To escape the frenetic activity of downtown Eindhoven, one can now relax in the green oasis at Mathilde Square. After shopping or a long day at the office, here one can quietly enjoy a drink on...
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St. Patrick's Island designed by W Architecture and Landscape Architecture in Calgary, AB, Canada
In 2015, Brooklyn-based W Architecture and Landscape Architecture transformed Calgary's St. Patrick's Island from an underutilized and degraded resource into a "Living Island" that is now a new vital center to a thriving mixed-use district. Rivers District and East Village. Based on a community master plan to create a...
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Corporate Plaza and Lotus Pond / Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS) Headquarters designed by XSiTE Design Studio in Bangkok, Thailand
Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS) is a Thailand's first free-to-air national public broadcaster, that needed new headquarters which are equipped with state-of-the-art broadcasting, production and studio facilities. That can support more than thousand visitors every year. XSiTE Design Studio was invited to participate in a landscape architecture design...
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View from city balcony / Arnhem Central Station designed by Bureau B+B urbanism and landscape architecture, UNStudio and Atelier Lek in The Netherlands © Frank Hanswijk
Arnhem is entering a new phase in its existence with a spectacular new station. Various transport flows — trains, busses, trams, cars, pedestrian and cyclists — converge here in an urban landscape that focuses on facilitating encounters. Architecture office UNStudio drew up the masterplan for the station area and...
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Public Square in the Historical Center of Ripoll designed by Comas-Pont Arquitectes in Ripoll, Girona, Spain
In the last years, the historical center of Ripoll has been adapted to pedestrians in different interventions, they are so different from each other and have been designed with different ideas and materials. Comas-Pont Arquitectes proposed to extend pedestrian's zone to the most representative squares of...
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Aerial View of the Riverwalk Commons / Story Pod (street library) designed by AKB in the Town of Newmarket, Ontario, Canada © Bob Gundu
The Story Pod echoes AKB's renowned residential projects with a pure, simple form that belies a deeply thoughtful approach to architecture. The abstract, black volume — a compact 8' w by 8' d by 10' h — serves as a book exchange and an urban marker in the town...
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Public Space designed by 3XA in Gora Pulawska, Poland © s.zajaczkowski
Local authorities decided to transform an undeveloped piece of land in the center of Gora Pulawska into recreational space and meeting point for the village residents. 3XA's intention was to create a new square, which would be unique to its users. It should serve them well and meet their...
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Lady Bird Lake Hike and Bike Trail Restroom designed by Miro Rivera Architects in Austin, Texas, United States © Paul Finkel | Piston Design
The Lady Bird Lake Hike and Bike Trail is a linear park of scenic trails and landscaping that follows the banks of the Colorado River in downtown Austin. Very popular among runners and bike riders, the park provides residents and visitors with a rural escape in an urban setting....
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Water Playground designed by RS+ in Tychy, Poland. Photography Tomasz Zakrzewski
One of the main design intents was to match the Water Playground into the landscape. Location and contour of the basin suited to the existing trees were based on functional-utility program developed by "Aquater". We decided to use exotic wood on the floor in front of...
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X-Scape installation designed by Aaron Choi & Diego Valencia at Arizona State University, Tempe, United States
Located in between an art building, a lecture hall and a design building X-Scape activates an otherwise dull area of a university campus. The project is built on top of a square brick area of about 1575 SF, which was not to be altered or penetrated (per guidelines). The...
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Formosa1140 Pocket Park designed by Lorcan O'Herlihy Architects in Los Angeles, CA, United States
The Los Angeles region is notorious for its lack of urban public space; LOHA's design for Formosa1140 addresses this condition by radically parceling out a third of its privately-owned building site as a publicly-managed pocket park for the City of West Hollywood. Formosa1140 simultaneously creates density and green space...
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BMX Supercross Legacy Project designed by Kleinfeldt Mychajlowycz Architects for the 2015 Toronto Pan Am Games in Etobicoke, Canada
The BMX Supercross Legacy Project is difficult to categorize. It is a structure within a park that accommodates the park's storage needs, two permanent Start Ramps for BMX Supercross events, one at 10 meters and the other at 5 meters high, a permanent, concrete and steel screened structure and...
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BREATHE.AUSTRIA Pavilion designed by Terrain for EXPO 2015 in Milan, Italy © Daniele Madia
breathe.austria - prototype for future urban practices Slowly, we are all beginning to realize that we are living in a world in which we are fundamentally influencing and changing the rhythms, dynamics and workings of the natural world. We ourselves have become a force upon nature...
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Flederhaus designed by heri&salli in Vienna, Austria © Mischa Erben
The architecture office heri&salli designed on the square in front of the "Museumsquartier", Vienna (Austria) a constructed sequence of standstill... a moment of physical tranquility. The open space of the Museumsquartier is already a place to hang around and relax, now the architects created a prototype divided in sequences...
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The study area is located in the region of Anatoli in Ioannina which is a residential area with low building factor and height. This is a new built area that mostly includes modern townhouses. FParchitect's main purpose was to create a modern urban park that hosts many different activities...
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Plaza de Domingo Gascón / Teruel-zilla designed by Mi5 Arquitectos + PKMN [pacman] in Teruel, Aragon, Spain © Miguel de Guzmán
Teruel's underground, as thematic parks as Dinópolis want to spread, is full of discoveries that remind us the lost existence of a powerful life in the origins of the province. It's surprising that we have to return to its deepness to try to reactivate it. The...
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Piazzetta Don Bruno Falloni designed by Studio Bradaschia in Monteiasi, Taranto, Italy
Between tradition and innovation. The Puglia region is a wondrous place: bathed in sun, sharp, all in blueness. The Mediterranean sun strongly influences and defines locations. The nature is characterized by white calcareous rocks which intensify the colors of the sky and sea on the horizon. ...
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Dynamic Relaxation designed by HG - Architecture for SOMA in Seoul, South Korea © Kyungsub Shin
SOMA (Seoul Olympic Museum of Art), along with its 95,940 sqm of Sculpture Park located in the southeast of Seoul, is a resting place for public created to celebrate the fruits of Seoul Olympic. SOMA planned the outdoor installation project, which is called 'Project S' this year. They opened...
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Gahura's Prospect designed by ellement in Zlin, Czech Republic
Gahura's Prospect belongs to one of the most valuable places in the functionalist city of Zlín, which expanded thanks to development of Bata shoe company. The city is characteristic for its spatial urbanism created by the architect František Lýdie Gahura (1891-1958) in the 1920s and 30s. The rising park...
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Tree Lines / Cajititlan’s Pier and Waterfront designed by Agraz Arquitectos in Tlajomulco, Jalisco, México
Cajititlan is a small town located in Tlajomulco de Zuñiga, at the shore of the lake that carries the same name. It is the place for sailing and ski sports, and also for witnessing the yearly rite of the Epiphany when thousands of people gather to see the Three...
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Keelung Port designed by Guallart Architects and Maria Diaz in Keelung City, Taiwan
Keelung Port (海洋廣場 'Ocean Plaza') designed by Guallart Architects and Maria Diaz in collaboration with local firm J.M.Lin The Observer Design Group. Keelung is the port of Taipei, the capital of the island country of Taiwan. Located 30 km to the north of the capital, it...
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The Plaza at Harvard University designed by Stoss Landscape Urbanism in Cambridge, MA, United States
The Plaza designed by Stoss is a new gathering space for the University and local communities. It sits atop a vehicular tunnel, adjacent to Harvard's historic Yard. The strategy articulates the space atop the tunnel as a new kind of public infrastructure, an active threshold between...
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Zaha Hadid 'Allongé' Installation on the High Line in Manhattan, New York © Scott Frances
Zaha Hadid has recently unveiled her installation on the High Line in Manhattan's West Chelsea neighborhood.
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WEST 8 + SNOEK & PARTNERS Together with ATELIER ROLAND-JÉOL Win the Competition for the Redevelopment of ‘T Zand in Bruges/Belgium
Bruges City Council announced West 8 + Snoeck & Partners together with Atelier Roland-Jéol, as the winners of the competition for the redevelopment 't Zand (Het Zand Square) in the UNESCO town of Bruges in Belgium.
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Fata Morgana designed by Teresita Fernandez / Temporary art installation at Madison Square Park in Manhattan, New York
Fata Morgana is a recently revealed temporary art installation designed by acclaimed New York based artist Teresita Fernández. The sculpture was inspired by a natural mirage, with the same name, that occurs in nature along the horizon line on high heat. The 500 foot long...
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