Ground Fridge created by Dutch designer Floris Schoonderbeek for Weltevree
The Ground Fridge created by Dutch designer Floris Schoonderbeek for Weltevree, is a modern updated version of the underground cellar used for cool storage. Modern houses are often built without a basement while a lot of people nowadays feel the need for one: they're focused on...
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Jardin de mi Hospi 'La Paz' designed by A-cero in collaboration with Juegaterapia at Hospital Universitario Materno Infantil La Paz in Madrid, Spain
'El jardín de mi Hospi' is one of the most special projects carried out by the study in close collaboration with the NGO Juegaterapia. This charity project has been ​​possible thanks to the collaboration of several companies and donations from organizations and thousands of anonymous people. Studio A-cero has...
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CPC Recycling Infographic - Case Study / Central Park Conservancy Receptacles by Landor
Since 1980, the Central Park Conservancy has worked to restore, maintain, and enhance New York City's Central Park, one of the most beloved and, with more than 40 million visitors a year, one of the most used public urban spaces in America. Even in today's modern world, one of...
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Cimes Prototype Bench designed by Élodie Stephan in Cortina D'Ampezzo, Italy
The Cortina d'Ampezzo Tourist Information Center located in the hearth of the Italian Alps commissioned environmental designer Élodie Stephan to design a bench dedicated to the landscape. Cimes is a prototype bench built out of wood and metal, a micro-landscape evoking the spectacular Dolomite Mountains. The...
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Oval Seat by Woodscape at the Lime Grove Courtyard / Manchester University
The Oval Seat designed by Woodscape is the result of a collaboration with the Southampton Council inspired by the local architecture. The outdoor furniture was to be placed at the Lime Grove Court adjacent to a church within the Manchester University campus. Therefore the in-house designers...
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Elmas planters and dividers designed by Michael Koenig for FLORA
Elmas designed by Michael Koenig for FLORA is a planter equipped with a dividing screen for use both indoors and outdoors that provides excellent protection against prying eyes. Low and tall plants benefit equally from the subtle pattern which allows for light, ventilation and support in perfect harmony with...
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Purple - Lumiluxe LED Lounge Chair design by BeMOSS
Lumiluxe LED Lounge Chair designed by BeMOSS is the only light conducting acrylic glass furniture in the world and you can control it from your mobile device. This innovative outdoor furniture design illuminates your lifestyle with an intelligent, modern and stylish Lounger that performs an impressive...
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Field Hammock designed Studio Toer (2)
The Field Hammock designed by Studio Toer refers to the human wish to control nature by mastering lawns. It's a culture that goes back centuries. This hammock displays the control humanity got over the fields. Floating above ground, on slowly waving grass. Combining the slow movements...
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Lace Fence outdoor short fence featuring natural elements
LACE FENCE is a Dutch based company that designs and produces unique architectural fabric delivered globally. The LACE FENCE designed by Jeroen Verhoeven, Joep Verhoeven and Judith de Graauw, has grown into a product which lives up to the highest standards for a variety of architectural applications for both...
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Urban Pastoral / by ESKYIU / Vertical Garden / Hong Kong 01
Urban Pastoral continues the intricate dialogue formed between nature and artifice in Hong Kong. The existing density of Hong Kong relates back to the 1895 British Law that declared control over all local lands except for villages native to the territory. As a result, areas of Hong Kong Island...
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