C-mine Square designed by HOSPER in Genk, Belgium - photographer Pieter Kers
Space for the Spectacular! The C-mine square is situated on the grounds of a former coaling mine and is the central open area of the new cultural heart of Genk. The former mine buildings around the square have been renovated and were transformed into buildings with...
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Winslow Farm Conservancy design by Martha Schwartz Partners in Hammonton, New Jersey, United States © Henry McNeil
Winslow Farm Conservancy is a large-scale agricultural project that was designed by Martha Schwartz Partners as a marriage between art and the practicalities of reclamation and ecology. The 600 acre (243 hectares) McNeil property is an estate located within the New Jersey pine barrens; it contains a diverse range...
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Roman Quarry design by AllesWirdGut Architektur in Sankt Margarethen, Austria © Hertha Hurnaus
Procedure for calling in expert opinion redesign festival site in the Roman Quarry. A show in the Roman Quarry is doubtless a unique experience for each visitor. As a classical lover one can enjoy the opera shows and as an inhabitant of the region one can assist the Passion...
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LUX City Square designed by AllesWirdGut in Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg
The closed-down steelworks Belval Ouest in Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg are to be converted into a new city extension. The 'steel court', a former working yard with train-viaducts crossing it for delivering ore and coke is going to be one of its main public squares. The elongated square...
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Chemin-Qui-Marche Lookout designed by  Groupe IBI-CHBA in Montreal, Canada
The Chemin-Qui-Marche Lookout designed by Groupe IBI-CHBA is located at the junction of historic Old Montreal and its Old Port. Its name is derived from an aboriginal expression for the St. Lawrence River. Loosely translated, it means "the path that walks". Rich with hundreds of years...
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Tagus Linear Park by Topiaris Landscape Architecture (1)
The Tagus Linear Park is an area of 15 000 m² along the banks of the river Tagus in Portugal, designed by Topiaris Landscape Architecture. For the first time, people of adjacent urban communities are given recreation and leisure opportunity in direct contact with the riverside,...
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