Pyramidal Green Roofs / Biesbosch Museum Island designed by Studio Marco Vermeulen in Werkendam, Netherlands © Ronald Tilleman
After an eight-month renovation, the Biesbosch Museum reopened to the public this summer. The museum has been completely transformed and extended with a new wing that opens to its beautiful surroundings and houses a restaurant and temporary exhibition space for contemporary art. The permanent exhibition that explains the historical...
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Dynamic Relaxation designed by HG - Architecture for SOMA in Seoul, South Korea © Kyungsub Shin
SOMA (Seoul Olympic Museum of Art), along with its 95,940 sqm of Sculpture Park located in the southeast of Seoul, is a resting place for public created to celebrate the fruits of Seoul Olympic. SOMA planned the outdoor installation project, which is called 'Project S' this year. They opened...
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Eagle Nest / Wild Walk designed by Charles P. Chip Reay in the Adirondack Mountains, Tupper Lake, New York, United States
The Wild Walk designed by Chip Reay is an interactive nature walk built in the forests of the Adirondacks. It is designed to bring visitors up and into the canopy of the trees to experience and learn about the local environment. The project consists of a series of platforms...
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Artists at Play design Site Workshop Landscape Architects, Trimpin, Judith Caldwell at Seattle Center/EMP Museum, Washington, United States © AW/Shapedscape
Artists at Play, an imaginative artists-created outdoor playground in Next 50 Plaza is set to be open in May 2015, to accommodate the Folklife Festival and all of the summer activities at Seattle Center. The play area will help reinvent and enliven the three-acre Plaza situated in one of...
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MoCA Minimal Relaxation Installation designed by Synthesis Design and Architecture + USC AAC Students in Shanghai, China
For MoCA Shanghai's exhibition MoCA Mock-ups: The Architecture of Spatial Art, USC American Academy of China (AAC) Summer Studio 2012 spent six weeks designing, fabricating and constructing 'Minimal Relaxation', a parametric canopy and undulating, LED-lit landscape that creates prime skyline viewing locations on the museum's rooftop terrace. The challenge...
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Six Atmospheres - Virtual Water at MoMA PS1, New York designed by UrbanLab
Virtual Water is a conceptual project designed by UrbanLab for MoMA PS1's courtyard in New York, United States. The public courtyard of PS1 has a Water Footprint of over 300,000 gallons of rainwater per year – over 100,000 gallons of rainwater during the summer. UrbanLab's...
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Green Roof at the Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust by Belzberg Architects
Belzberg Architects were comissioned to design a new building for the Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust, the result was an elegant organic building that merges with the surrounding landscape of the park. From the architects. Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust (LAMH) was founded...
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