West 8 Presents Massive Masteplan for Yongsan Park to the People of South Korea
West 8 in association with IROJE architects & planners and DONG IL Engineering Consultants have recently presented the masterplan for 234 ha Yongsan Park Masterplan in Seoul, South Korea. The project, commisioned by Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs of the Republic of Korea, is expected to break...
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Corporate Plaza and Lotus Pond / Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS) Headquarters designed by XSiTE Design Studio in Bangkok, Thailand
Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS) is a Thailand's first free-to-air national public broadcaster, that needed new headquarters which are equipped with state-of-the-art broadcasting, production and studio facilities. That can support more than thousand visitors every year. XSiTE Design Studio was invited to participate in a landscape architecture design...
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Floating Park / NHA Floating Village designed by SSOCA Architecture, Landscape, Planning, Research in Bangkok, Thailand
One of the main characteristics of the NHA Floating Village designed by SSOCA, is its strong social component and purpose. The project’s prime goal is to help bring awareness of the relevance of working with nature when dealing with flood conditions in Thailand. With this project, this has been...
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Zoom Plan - Runways to Greenways designed by Lateral Office in Reykjavik, Iceland
Runways to Greenways, an urban design proposal designed by Lateral Office, within a masterplan competition organized by the city of Reykjavik for the area of Vatnsmýri Decommissioned Airport. The project seeks to simultaneously acknowledge the rich history of the site while looking forward to new economies and public realms....
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Aerial View of the New Holland Island Cultural Center Masterplan by WORKac in Saint Petersburg, Russia
New Holland is an 8-hectare island in the heart of St Petersburg. Conceived by Peter the Great for the Russian Navy, it became Russia's first military port and was inaccessible to the public for 300 years. After a brief opening to the public, the first phase of WORKac's completed...
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