West 8 Presents Massive Masteplan for Yongsan Park to the People of South Korea
West 8 in association with IROJE architects & planners and DONG IL Engineering Consultants have recently presented the masterplan for 234 ha Yongsan Park Masterplan in Seoul, South Korea. The project, commisioned by Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs of the Republic of Korea, is expected to break...
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San Martín de la Mar designed by Zigzag Arquitectura in Santander, Spain © Roland Halbe
The strategy proposed is one of an urban seam to be achieved by means of a series of terraced platforms and slopes forming stands, whose geometry solves the difference in levels of the site and the link between its limits: Reina Victoria Avenue in the north, Union Street in...
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View from city balcony / Arnhem Central Station designed by Bureau B+B urbanism and landscape architecture, UNStudio and Atelier Lek in The Netherlands © Frank Hanswijk
Arnhem is entering a new phase in its existence with a spectacular new station. Various transport flows — trains, busses, trams, cars, pedestrian and cyclists — converge here in an urban landscape that focuses on facilitating encounters. Architecture office UNStudio drew up the masterplan for the station area and...
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Trammplatz Hannover designed by Kamel Louafi Landscape Architects in Hannover, Germany
The Trammplatz in front of the Hanover city hall will be reshaped into a representative place. The historical frame will be preserved, such as the driveway, the balustrades, candelabras, steps as well as the protected trees and the fountain. The forecourt, with the more than 100...
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Corten Steel 'Flowers' / Sharpeville Memorial Garden designed by GREENinc Landscape Architecture in South Africa
On the 21st of March 1960, the Sharpeville Massacre – also known as the Sharpeville Shootings – occurred when the Pan Africanist Congress organised a peaceful protest in which black Africans burnt their pass books which restricted them from entering certain areas. The event which started out as a...
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X-Scape installation designed by Aaron Choi & Diego Valencia at Arizona State University, Tempe, United States
Located in between an art building, a lecture hall and a design building X-Scape activates an otherwise dull area of a university campus. The project is built on top of a square brick area of about 1575 SF, which was not to be altered or penetrated (per guidelines). The...
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Outdoor Amphitheater / Aarhus University Campus designed by C.F. Møller in Aarhus, Denmark
The Aarhus University Campus is situated around a distinct moraine gorge and the buildings for the departments and faculties are placed on the slopes, from the main buildings alongside the ring road to the center of the city at Nørreport. The original scheme for the campus...
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Artists at Play design Site Workshop Landscape Architects, Trimpin, Judith Caldwell at Seattle Center/EMP Museum, Washington, United States © AW/Shapedscape
Artists at Play, an imaginative artists-created outdoor playground in Next 50 Plaza is set to be open in May 2015, to accommodate the Folklife Festival and all of the summer activities at Seattle Center. The play area will help reinvent and enliven the three-acre Plaza situated in one of...
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