Corporate Plaza and Lotus Pond / Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS) Headquarters designed by XSiTE Design Studio in Bangkok, Thailand
Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS) is a Thailand's first free-to-air national public broadcaster, that needed new headquarters which are equipped with state-of-the-art broadcasting, production and studio facilities. That can support more than thousand visitors every year. XSiTE Design Studio was invited to participate in a landscape architecture design...
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Foundation for Polish Science Headquarters design by FAAB Architektura in Warsaw, Poland
The vertical garden, covering front and side elevations, is a tool which allows to integrate the building with its green context. The FNP Headquarters designed by FAAB Architektura has become an element of the landscape in a very common sense. The green face of the building blurs the boundaries...
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Curating the Common concept designed by ATLAS Lab / Bernardine Monastery Competition in Lviv, Ukraine
The redevelopment of the Bernadine Monastery Complex is based on the need to cultivate the district's contemporary identity and needs while engaging with the site's unique heritage. The system of open spaces and streets that encompass the complex need to reveal the multiple layers of both historic and contemporary...
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Green Roof at the Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust by Belzberg Architects
Belzberg Architects were comissioned to design a new building for the Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust, the result was an elegant organic building that merges with the surrounding landscape of the park. From the architects. Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust (LAMH) was founded...
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