Secret Garden Day Time / Confluence Banquets and Resort designed by One Landscape Design Ltd in Chennai, India
Located in the outskirts of Chennai at Mahabalipuram, India, Confluence is a unique project in its scale and aspiration. Conceived as a resort destination the masterplan of the project has three distinct zones- A, B and C. Zone A is the first zone upon arrival and...
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El Valle Trenzado designed by Grupo Aranea in Elche, Spain © Jesús Granada
El Valle Trenzado 'the twisted valley' aims to recover the pedestrian's traffic footprint. Since the channeling works that were made in the 70s definitely skewed Elche's Canyon continuity. For years the citizens of the city went through this place hardly enjoying it. This landform (which reaches...
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Park Valdefierro designed by Hector Fernandez Elorza and Manuel Fernandez Ramirez in Zaragoza, Spain
The major decisions concerning the Valdefierro Park Project in Zaragoza were determined by the opportunities afforded by the context of the site itself. On the one hand, the soil where the park was to be situated was considerably degraded. An L-shaped strip of land covering 11...
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YUL Sales Office designed by NIPpaysage in Montreal, Canada
NIPpaysage has designed a paint installation project for the YUL condominium sales office in Montreal, Canada. The design was inspired by the paint marks on airport runways and it includes pedestrian circulation marks and a parking lot. Not an ordinary landscape project, this striped installation...
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Borås Textile Fashion Center designed by Thorbjörn Andersson & Sweco Architects in Sweden
In front of the entrance of the recently opened University of Textile & Fashion in Borås, Sweden, there is a carpet of stone designed by Thorbjörn Andersson & Sweco Architects. The carpet is 110 meters long and 11 meters wide. The pattern of the carpet is inspired by a...
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North of 60 designed by Shift Landscape Architecture  - displayed at Canada Blooms
North of 60 designed by Shift Landscape Architecture is a unique show garden inspired by the frozen landscape of the arctic. The arctic landscape is a wild environment in both reality and imagination. It is a place of lore and legend for the multiple cultures, which...
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Green Roof at the Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust by Belzberg Architects
Belzberg Architects were comissioned to design a new building for the Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust, the result was an elegant organic building that merges with the surrounding landscape of the park. From the architects. Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust (LAMH) was founded...
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