Professional Agriculture Highschool Honoré de Balzac in Castelnau-le-Lez © Paul KOZLOWSKI
NBJ Architects have recently completed the restauration and extension of professional agriculture high school Honoré de Balzac in Castelnau-le-Lez, South of France. The principal idea in the site of the high school Honoré de Balzac was to reconquer space by a better distribution of constructions in...
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Wynwood Greenhouse Park design by Gelpi Projects, Studio Roberto Rovira and Jim Drain in Miami, United States
The Wynwood Greenhouse designed by Gelpi Projects, Studio Roberto Rovira and Jim Drain proposes an open and flexible framework that exists at the intersection of art, architecture, and landscape. This iconic destination for design, music, art, events, and play, is composed of an ultra-thin structural frame which echoes the...
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Sustainable Hothouses Aarhus University Botanical Garden by C.F.Moller in Denmark © Quintin Lake
The new Tropical Conservatory at the Botanical Gardens in Aarhus is like a drop of dew in its green surroundings. Sustainable design, new materials and advanced computer technology went into the creation of the hothouse's organic form. The snail-shaped hothouse in the Botanic Garden in Aarhus...
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