The study area is located in the region of Anatoli in Ioannina which is a residential area with low building factor and height. This is a new built area that mostly includes modern townhouses. FParchitect's main purpose was to create a modern urban park that hosts many different activities...
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Stone Pagoda designed by a21studio in Nha Trang, Vietnam
a21studio has recently completed a Stone Pagoda located in one of the lush parks of the coastal city of Nha Trang in Vietnam. 'In 588 BC, Siddhartha attained a fully enlightened being under the Bodhi tree and then taught the Buddhism to people. Many people have...
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The Canadian Firefighters Memorial designed by PLANT Architect Inc. in Ottawa, Canada © Steven Evans
The Canadian Firefighters Memorial is located at the site of the capital's devastating fire of 1900. This urban-planning memorial ensemble was collaboratively designed by PLANT Architect Inc. and Canadian visual artist and novelist Douglas Coupland. The team won the national competition hosted by the Canadian Fallen Firefighters Foundation (CFFF)...
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Peel Entrance – Mount Royal Park designed by Groupe IBI-CHBA in Montreal, Canada photography © Marc Cramer
Designed by Frederick Law Olmsted in 1874, Mount-Royal Park has over five million visitors per year. Prior to its restoration, the Peel sector was desolate; a crumbling wall, a stairway in ruins, and muddy pathways; the link into the park was tenuous. Nonetheless, its natural and picturesque character were...
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Fish Market Square / Fisketorget Plaza designed by Thorbjörn Andersson & Sweco Architects in Karlskorna, Sweden
Karlskrona is an old town, located in southern Sweden and founded by King Carolus XI in the 17th century. It sits on islands and is surrounded by a rich archipelago. This was also once the reason to place this naval city here. Karlskrona literally means 'Crown of Carolus' and...
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