Forest Megaphones designed and built by Estonian students of the Academy of Art department of Interior Architecture at Pähni Nature Center © Tõnu Tunnel
On September 18th, an installation of three gigantic wooden megaphones built by a team of Estonian Academy of Arts interior architecture students was revealed at Pähni Nature Centre for all forest dwellers to rest, contemplate and above all – listen to the sounds of nature and forests around them....
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Vaulted Willow designed by Marc Fornes / THEVERYMANY in Edmonton Canada
Vaulted Willow designed by Marc Fornes / THEVERYMANY is an architectural folly exploring lightweight, self-supported shells through the development of custom computational protocols of structural form-finding and descriptive geometry. The project's aim is to resolve and delineate structure, skin and ornamentation into a single unified system. ...
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10 follys to be built in 2015 as part of an exhibition space in Fraeylemaborg Park, Slochteren, Netherlands.
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The Elastic Perspective by NEXT Architects / Netherlands
This structure designed by NEXT Architects, stands atop of a grassy mound in the suburbs of Rotterdam, enhancing the surroundings with its winding organic shape and its beautiful rusty color given by the corten steel. Some may see it as a folly, some as a work of art. ...
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