Floating Park / NHA Floating Village designed by SSOCA Architecture, Landscape, Planning, Research in Bangkok, Thailand
One of the main characteristics of the NHA Floating Village designed by SSOCA, is its strong social component and purpose. The project’s prime goal is to help bring awareness of the relevance of working with nature when dealing with flood conditions in Thailand. With this project, this has been...
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Entorse Festival Installation in Lille by AZC
In this artistic project AZC seeks to provoke within the community the question: "what is happening here?" To achieve this they superimpose strange objects within the familiar urban contexts. Our bizarre objects are inspired by the much loved characters from the 1978 video game, by Japanese...
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Ravelijn 'floating' Bridge by Ro & AD Architects in Bergen op Zoom, Netherlands
After messmerizing the world with their innovative Moses Bridge, a bridge designed to let people cross through the water, RO & AD Architects have recently unveiled another remarkable bridge designed to float. Short History The Ravelijn "Op den Zoom" is a...
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