Green Dunes (smart acoustic green) by Blumohito and Civic Workshop in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE)
Green Dunes is a large Smart Acoustic Green (SAG) vegetal picture with an awesome 3D vegetal sculpture depicting dunes. Green Dunes, instead of sandy ones plus an iconic lonely green tree. SAG Smart Acoustic Green is a stabilized vegetal from Northern Europe free of any chemical...
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Adiantum pedatum / Northern Maidenhair Fern
Adiantum is a large genus of approximately 200 terrestrial fern species distributed worldwide. The name of the maidenhair fern family, Adiantaceae, comes from the Greek 'adiantos' meaning unwetable, waterproof because the water runs right off the leaflets. Adiantum pedatum is native to North America and...
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Sesbania grandiflora red flower variant / Hummingbird tree, Scarlet Wisteria © Viky Nandha
Sesbania is a genus in the pea family, Fabaceae. It is wide spread in the tropical and subtropical regions. Sesbania grandiflora var. coccinea is the red variant of S. grandiflora which is white. It is synonym to Sesban grandiflorus, Aeschynomene grandiflora, Agati grandiflora, Robinia grandiflora....
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Orthosiphon stamineus / Cat's whiskers © J Brew
Orthosiphon aristatus (syn. O. stamineus) is one of about 40 species of plants in its genus from the mint (Lamiaceae) family. It is mainly found in the tropical areas of Asia and Australia. Cat's whiskers is a soft wooded semi-deciduous shrub that grows in full sun...
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Araucaria araucana / Monkey Puzzle Tree - leaves detail © AW/Shapedscape
Araucarias are about 19 species of ancient coniferous trees in the Araucariaceae family. Araucaria araucana (syn. A. imbricata) is native to the south of Chile hence one of its common names Chilian Pine. It is believed that this tree was part of the landscape in the dinosaurs era, about...
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Nandina domestica 'Fire Power' / evergreen shrub / red coppery leaves © AW/Shapedscape
Nandina is a species of small evergreen shrubs of the barberry (Berberidaceae) family. It is native to eastern Asia (India, China, Japan). Nandina domestica 'Firepower' was developed in New Zealand. It's a low growing round and compact, frost tolerant, evergreen shrub. Despite its common name it is...
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Russelia equisetiformis / Coral Plant - Red tubular flower, scale leaves similar to horsetail native to Mexico and Colombia © Eurico Zimbres
Russelia equisetiformis is an evergreen subshrub native to Mexico and Colombia. The genus comprises of almost 50 shrubs and subshrubs in the plantain family (Plantaginaceae), sometimes placed in same family with the foxglove or veronica. The genus name, Russelia, honors Alexander Russel, 18th century Scottish physician and naturalist. ...
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