Render / Where the River Runs designed by Penda for the 10th International Garden Expo in Wuhan, China
Where the River Runs proposal designed by Penda was second prize winner in international design competition for the 10th international Garden Expo in Wuhan, China. The landscape pavilion reminiscent of riverbed topography, is an interactive garden installation that gives visitors the chance to be the water guided by mother...
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MVRDV Wins 'T-axis' Urban Lagoon Transformation Competition in Tainan, Taiwan © APLUS CG
MVRDV, together with The Urbanist Collaborative and LLJ Architects, has won the competition for the transformation of the T-axis in downtown Tainan, Taiwan. The transformation of the T-axis aims to reconnect the city with nature and its waterfront by creating a lagoon on the site of the former China-Town...
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The Giving Delta / Changing Course Competition Winning Team / MOFFATT & NICHOL + WEST 8 + LSU-CSS
Changing Course international design competition announced its winning teams today. The contenders identified three major themes that are critical to sustaining the Mississippi River Delta today and into the future.
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0013 Plaza to the Forgotten War designed by Andrew Cesarz of Johnsen Schmaling Architects. World War One Memorial Design Competition Finalist Washington DC
Five contenders have been selected by United States World War One Centennial Commission to proceed to Stage II for the National WWI Memorial design competition.
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KU.BE The Tall Gardens designed by Svendborg Architects and junya.ishigami+associates in Frederiksberg, Denmark
A competition entry for a new cultural and movement house in Frederiksberg, Denmark. Since the founding of Frederiksberg, the green environment has been greatly appreciated. The small gardens, Frederiksberg Garden and Søndermarken are all places where people can both enjoy nature and be active. Frederiksberg therefore...
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Inspirational and creation room
Rujiena city is small town in the very Northern part of Latvia. ALPS Landscape Architect's design task was to create outdoor rooms for different art activities during different seasons with possibilities for artwork display - including paintings and drawings. Also we had to respect seasonal flooding and solve the...
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Floating Park / NHA Floating Village designed by SSOCA Architecture, Landscape, Planning, Research in Bangkok, Thailand
One of the main characteristics of the NHA Floating Village designed by SSOCA, is its strong social component and purpose. The project’s prime goal is to help bring awareness of the relevance of working with nature when dealing with flood conditions in Thailand. With this project, this has been...
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Urban Commissions, the urban design initiative helping to transform Dubai and nurture the city's design talent, is delighted to announce its inaugural winner.
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Elevation Detail of ‘The Living Dam’. Showing the strata of the Upper Reservoir, Sluice Referendum Chamber, Living, Purification Gardens and Lower Reservoir.  Daily referendums are held by the inhabitants in the Sluice Referendum Chamber to decide on the
A proposal for the construction of Lake Stew, and a better typology of dam by Louis Sullivan, for the 5th year MArch project at the Bartlett School of Architecture. In response to the UK's imminent water crisis, brought through an increase in population, water usage and...
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James Corner Field Operations wins the Presidio Parklands Competition in San Francisco, United States
The Presidio Trust has just announced the winning team to design thirteen acres of new parkland at renowned landmark in San Francisco, including the transformation of an elevated highway into parkland.
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The Lawn designed by ATLAS Lab in Flint, Michigan
The Lawn by ATLAS Lab proposes a new urban park typology for Downtown Flint, MI that informs and connects users to the rich culture of downtown, the Flint River and the city's park network to cultivate a new and contemporary for the City. The Lawn seeks to strengthen Flint's...
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Wynwood Greenhouse Park design by Gelpi Projects, Studio Roberto Rovira and Jim Drain in Miami, United States
The Wynwood Greenhouse designed by Gelpi Projects, Studio Roberto Rovira and Jim Drain proposes an open and flexible framework that exists at the intersection of art, architecture, and landscape. This iconic destination for design, music, art, events, and play, is composed of an ultra-thin structural frame which echoes the...
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Render Markey Canopy / Capitol Canopy designed by ATLAS Lab in Sacramento, California, United States - Competition 1st Prize Winner
Capitol Canopy is a first prize concept proposal designed by ATLAS Lab. The urban forest is an important part of every thriving city. Tree canopies provide critical services for the city, including reducing heat island effects though the provision of shade and the creation of microclimates. With a large...
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$170 million floating park 'Pier 55' designed by Thomas Heatherwick Studio and Landscape Architect Mathews Nielsen for the Hudson Riverbank in Manhattan, New York
Billionare Barry Diller and his wife, fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg, are willing to provide $130 million and 20 years worth of operating expenses, to built a floating park, 57 meters off the Hudson Riverbank in Manhattan. Their pledge of over $130 million will be the single largest private...
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The Prince concept design by Loci Studio in Kingston, Canberra, Australia
Loci Studio recently completed the concept design and development application for a brand new Crafted Developments project in Kingston, Canberra, Australia. They worked in conjunction with Hecker Guthrie Interiors and Architectus to bring to life a concept of something different to the everyday. Created as an...
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Curating the Common concept designed by ATLAS Lab / Bernardine Monastery Competition in Lviv, Ukraine
The redevelopment of the Bernadine Monastery Complex is based on the need to cultivate the district's contemporary identity and needs while engaging with the site's unique heritage. The system of open spaces and streets that encompass the complex need to reveal the multiple layers of both historic and contemporary...
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10 follys to be built in 2015 as part of an exhibition space in Fraeylemaborg Park, Slochteren, Netherlands.
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Urban Skyfarm by Aprilli Design Studio in Seoul, South Korea
The Urban Skyfarm is a vertical farm proposal designed by Aprilli Design Studio, for a site located in downtown Seoul, right adjacent to the Cheonggyecheon stream which is a heavily populated dense urban area within the central business district. Inspired by the ecological system of giant trees, the Urban...
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Summer - Gellerup Gror Landscape and Urban Revitalization proposal designed by Ecosistema Urbano and Kristin Jensen, Aarhus Denmark
Gellerup Gror Landscape and Urban Revitalization is a shortlisted conceptual project co-designed by Ecosistema Urbano and Kristin Jensen. The main objectives of the landscape intervention were urban revitalization and social activation. Gellerup is a predominantly residential area in the western part of the city of Aarhus...
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Plovdiv Square proposal designed by FORA
Winner announced for the international landscape architecture and urban design competition organized by the Municipality of Plovdiv (Bulgaria) and One Architecture Week. The competition aimed to gather concept ideas that would outline the future of the Central Square in Plovdiv - an emblematic location where most of the significant...
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Anacostia Crossing Navy Yard View proposal by OLIN / OMA
Four design concepts have been revealed as part of a six month nationwide design competition for the 11th Street Bridge Park. Nationally and internationally recognized design teams of Landscape architects, architects and structural engineers, such as Balmori Associates, OMA, NEXT Architects, STOSS Landscape Urbanism to name but a few,...
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Entorse Festival Installation in Lille by AZC
In this artistic project AZC seeks to provoke within the community the question: "what is happening here?" To achieve this they superimpose strange objects within the familiar urban contexts. Our bizarre objects are inspired by the much loved characters from the 1978 video game, by Japanese...
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Zootopia by BIG - Bjarke Ingels Group in Denmark (1).jpg
BIG (Bjarke Ingels Group) has recently revealed the design for Zootopia, a revitalization project for the Givskud Zoo in Denmark. The project aims to create the most natural possible environment for the zoo animals, while still allowing people to observe them up close through cutting edge architecture. The entrance...
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Perspective - Madách Square by Studio Nomad in Budapest, Hungary - Landscape Architecture Student Competition 2012
The Madách Square is situated in the center of Budapest, and now used as a parking area. Studio Nomad`s proposal was designed for a student competition. Their goal was to create a multipurpose square, that fits in the existing environment. For that reason most of the...
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Mill River Park / Gray Organschi Architecture / Stamford 1
VISIONThrough an open ideas competition we were awarded the commission to design a threshold between a restored riverbank and an urban edge in Stamford, Connecticut. This urban porch proposal is composed of a shaded lattice formed from simple framing propped by gangs of timber pilings driven at...
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Fields of Memory: Atlantic City Boardwalk Holocaust Memorial Proposal by SAYA - Landscape Architecture
The competition: The Atlantic City Holocaust Memorial Board held an open international competition for selecting a design for the city's prominent boardwalk. 712 proposals have been submitted from 55 countries. These have been shortlisted to 13 finalists, then narrowed down to 6, and finally...
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Pollinators Paradise by Benjamin Spöth
Pollinators Paradise is a modular garden-object designed by Benjamin Spöth that supports certain kinds of pollinators with places to breed, shelter, places to sleep and rest, and food. As you might already know; more than one third of our food (such as fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts) is depending...
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