MVRDV Wins 'T-axis' Urban Lagoon Transformation Competition in Tainan, Taiwan © APLUS CG
MVRDV, together with The Urbanist Collaborative and LLJ Architects, has won the competition for the transformation of the T-axis in downtown Tainan, Taiwan. The transformation of the T-axis aims to reconnect the city with nature and its waterfront by creating a lagoon on the site of the former China-Town...
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Civitas and Stantec Winners of Back to the River Design Competition
Civitas: Landscape Architecture Firm and Stantec Consulting Ltd were announced as the winning team of the Back to the River design competition.
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El Valle Trenzado designed by Grupo Aranea in Elche, Spain © Jesús Granada
El Valle Trenzado 'the twisted valley' aims to recover the pedestrian's traffic footprint. Since the channeling works that were made in the 70s definitely skewed Elche's Canyon continuity. For years the citizens of the city went through this place hardly enjoying it. This landform (which reaches...
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The Giving Delta / Changing Course Competition Winning Team / MOFFATT & NICHOL + WEST 8 + LSU-CSS
Changing Course international design competition announced its winning teams today. The contenders identified three major themes that are critical to sustaining the Mississippi River Delta today and into the future.
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Aquatic Center in Medellin, Columbia designed by LCLA Office
In March 2008 an open international competition was held for a new Aquatic Center to host the XI Medellin South American Games. Clearly the competition brief was asking for a compact building in which to host professional swimming competitions, synchronized swimming events and two pools for training. However Medellin...
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THINK public SPACE Honorable Mention 2 - 2 Public Spaces in Vienna
The results of this year's international conceptual architectural competition of the THINK SPACE programme - THINK public SPACE were recently announced. For the Think Public Space competition, 183 competitors from 29 countries have explored the contemporary notion of public space offering 76 concepts, ideas and scenarios in what we...
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WEST 8 + SNOEK & PARTNERS Together with ATELIER ROLAND-JÉOL Win the Competition for the Redevelopment of ‘T Zand in Bruges/Belgium
Bruges City Council announced West 8 + Snoeck & Partners together with Atelier Roland-Jéol, as the winners of the competition for the redevelopment 't Zand (Het Zand Square) in the UNESCO town of Bruges in Belgium.
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Urban Commissions, the urban design initiative helping to transform Dubai and nurture the city's design talent, is delighted to announce its inaugural winner.
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1st Prize / GENESIS by Greek Team Konstantinos Kosmas and Nestoras Skantzouris
Last year Ctrl+Space announced an open competition meant to revitalize Porto's riverfront, bring back public baths and the promenade along Douro River. Concept proposals were submitted by 170 international teams and individuals, only 3 were awarded and other 5 projects have received Honorable Mentions. See the winning proposals below....
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Dispersion / Su-in Memorial Park Sculpture designed by Yong Ju Lee in Suwon, South Korea
Dispersion is a recently completed sculpture designed by Yong Ju Lee, winner of the Su-in Line Memorial Sculpture Competition. Su-in Line was opened in 1937. Its narrow-gauge railway was shut down in 1995 and younger generation does barely know about it. However, older people have lots...
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SE MOUILLER (la belle échappée) by Groupe A  Annexe U -Jean-François Laroche, architect, Rémi Morency, architect and urbanist, Erick Rivard, architect & Maxime Rousseau, architect
The International Garden Festival has recently announced the names of the designers selected by the jury for the 16th edition of the Festival presented at the Jardins de Métis / Reford Gardens.
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James Corner Field Operations wins the Presidio Parklands Competition in San Francisco, United States
The Presidio Trust has just announced the winning team to design thirteen acres of new parkland at renowned landmark in San Francisco, including the transformation of an elevated highway into parkland.
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Wynwood Greenhouse Park design by Gelpi Projects, Studio Roberto Rovira and Jim Drain in Miami, United States
The Wynwood Greenhouse designed by Gelpi Projects, Studio Roberto Rovira and Jim Drain proposes an open and flexible framework that exists at the intersection of art, architecture, and landscape. This iconic destination for design, music, art, events, and play, is composed of an ultra-thin structural frame which echoes the...
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Render Markey Canopy / Capitol Canopy designed by ATLAS Lab in Sacramento, California, United States - Competition 1st Prize Winner
Capitol Canopy is a first prize concept proposal designed by ATLAS Lab. The urban forest is an important part of every thriving city. Tree canopies provide critical services for the city, including reducing heat island effects though the provision of shade and the creation of microclimates. With a large...
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COBE, Dissing+Weitling and COWI win international design competition for Køge North Station in Denmark
Team COBE, DISSING+WEITLING and COWI has been announced winner for the Køge North Station International Competition. Køge North Station will be a traffic center and hot-spot for the entire Copenhagen area in a unique junction where high-speed trains, local trains and freeways meet.
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$170 million floating park 'Pier 55' designed by Thomas Heatherwick Studio and Landscape Architect Mathews Nielsen for the Hudson Riverbank in Manhattan, New York
Billionare Barry Diller and his wife, fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg, are willing to provide $130 million and 20 years worth of operating expenses, to built a floating park, 57 meters off the Hudson Riverbank in Manhattan. Their pledge of over $130 million will be the single largest private...
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Colwell Shelor+ West 8+ Weddle Gilmore has been selected to lead the design process to transform 19 acres surrounding Mesa's City Hall into a one of a kind civic space which will capture and enhance the urbanizing momentum of Mesa's downtown core. The team was unanimously selected by the...
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10 follys to be built in 2015 as part of an exhibition space in Fraeylemaborg Park, Slochteren, Netherlands.
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Jurong Lake Gardens Development Singapore 2017
SINGAPORE: Together with partners CPG Consultants and KuKuk GmbH, Atelier Dreiseitl has won the bid to create one of three Destination Parks in Singapore. The regional park will be in the heart of the Jurong Lake District development, together with other new commercial, residential, entertainment and healthcare developments. ...
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The Embassy of Nature proposal by Groundlab, WOWHAUS and Urbanica
Following the international jury voting session at the Moscow Department of Culture, the winner of Sokolniki Park Competition has been selected, along with the conceptual framework which will determine the strategy for Sokolniki park development for the next 15 years.
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Plovdiv Square proposal designed by FORA
Winner announced for the international landscape architecture and urban design competition organized by the Municipality of Plovdiv (Bulgaria) and One Architecture Week. The competition aimed to gather concept ideas that would outline the future of the Central Square in Plovdiv - an emblematic location where most of the significant...
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Aerial View of the New Holland Island Cultural Center Masterplan by WORKac in Saint Petersburg, Russia
New Holland is an 8-hectare island in the heart of St Petersburg. Conceived by Peter the Great for the Russian Navy, it became Russia's first military port and was inaccessible to the public for 300 years. After a brief opening to the public, the first phase of WORKac's completed...
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BIG U - The Harbor Berm
The Big U winning proposal awarded $335 million to build a protective system around Manhattan, the design was driven by the needs and concerns of its communities. Stretching from West 57th street south to The Battery and up to East 42th street, the Big U protects 10 continuous miles...
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BIG U by BIG Team / New York
HUD secretary Shawn Donovan: Rebuild by Design unveiled the final proposals from the ten Design Teams to improve the physical, social, economic, and ecological resilience of communities throughout the Sandy-affected region. The teams developed these proposals over the last five months in partnership with local stakeholder coalitions, incorporating research,...
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Mill River Park / Gray Organschi Architecture / Stamford 1
VISIONThrough an open ideas competition we were awarded the commission to design a threshold between a restored riverbank and an urban edge in Stamford, Connecticut. This urban porch proposal is composed of a shaded lattice formed from simple framing propped by gangs of timber pilings driven at...
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