Civitas and Stantec Winners of Back to the River Design Competition
Civitas: Landscape Architecture Firm and Stantec Consulting Ltd were announced as the winning team of the Back to the River design competition.
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The Giving Delta / Changing Course Competition Winning Team / MOFFATT & NICHOL + WEST 8 + LSU-CSS
Changing Course international design competition announced its winning teams today. The contenders identified three major themes that are critical to sustaining the Mississippi River Delta today and into the future.
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0013 Plaza to the Forgotten War designed by Andrew Cesarz of Johnsen Schmaling Architects. World War One Memorial Design Competition Finalist Washington DC
Five contenders have been selected by United States World War One Centennial Commission to proceed to Stage II for the National WWI Memorial design competition.
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THINK public SPACE Honorable Mention 2 - 2 Public Spaces in Vienna
The results of this year's international conceptual architectural competition of the THINK SPACE programme - THINK public SPACE were recently announced. For the Think Public Space competition, 183 competitors from 29 countries have explored the contemporary notion of public space offering 76 concepts, ideas and scenarios in what we...
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1st Prize / GENESIS by Greek Team Konstantinos Kosmas and Nestoras Skantzouris
Last year Ctrl+Space announced an open competition meant to revitalize Porto's riverfront, bring back public baths and the promenade along Douro River. Concept proposals were submitted by 170 international teams and individuals, only 3 were awarded and other 5 projects have received Honorable Mentions. See the winning proposals below....
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James Corner Field Operations wins the Presidio Parklands Competition in San Francisco, United States
The Presidio Trust has just announced the winning team to design thirteen acres of new parkland at renowned landmark in San Francisco, including the transformation of an elevated highway into parkland.
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COBE, Dissing+Weitling and COWI win international design competition for Køge North Station in Denmark
Team COBE, DISSING+WEITLING and COWI has been announced winner for the Køge North Station International Competition. Køge North Station will be a traffic center and hot-spot for the entire Copenhagen area in a unique junction where high-speed trains, local trains and freeways meet.
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Colwell Shelor+ West 8+ Weddle Gilmore has been selected to lead the design process to transform 19 acres surrounding Mesa's City Hall into a one of a kind civic space which will capture and enhance the urbanizing momentum of Mesa's downtown core. The team was unanimously selected by the...
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Kendall Square Competition Results, Cambridge, MA
Ealier this summer the City of Cambridge, MA launched Connect Kendall Square: An Open Space Competition. The competition aims to provide a vision for future growth, a well managed and programmed network of public and private open space that serve a variety of users to create a sense of...
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The Embassy of Nature proposal by Groundlab, WOWHAUS and Urbanica
Following the international jury voting session at the Moscow Department of Culture, the winner of Sokolniki Park Competition has been selected, along with the conceptual framework which will determine the strategy for Sokolniki park development for the next 15 years.
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Plovdiv Square proposal designed by FORA
Winner announced for the international landscape architecture and urban design competition organized by the Municipality of Plovdiv (Bulgaria) and One Architecture Week. The competition aimed to gather concept ideas that would outline the future of the Central Square in Plovdiv - an emblematic location where most of the significant...
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Anacostia Crossing Navy Yard View proposal by OLIN / OMA
Four design concepts have been revealed as part of a six month nationwide design competition for the 11th Street Bridge Park. Nationally and internationally recognized design teams of Landscape architects, architects and structural engineers, such as Balmori Associates, OMA, NEXT Architects, STOSS Landscape Urbanism to name but a few,...
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Sokolniki Park / Photo by Puno 3000
Earlier this year The ArchPolis Centre for Territorial Initiatives announced an international competition to redesign Moscow's largest park. Sokolniki Park, larger than the new yorker's Central Park, spreads over an area of 515.7 hectares and it has played an important role in the life of the moscovites for centuries....
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BIG U by BIG Team / New York
HUD secretary Shawn Donovan: Rebuild by Design unveiled the final proposals from the ten Design Teams to improve the physical, social, economic, and ecological resilience of communities throughout the Sandy-affected region. The teams developed these proposals over the last five months in partnership with local stakeholder coalitions, incorporating research,...
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