MVRDV Wins 'T-axis' Urban Lagoon Transformation Competition in Tainan, Taiwan © APLUS CG
MVRDV, together with The Urbanist Collaborative and LLJ Architects, has won the competition for the transformation of the T-axis in downtown Tainan, Taiwan. The transformation of the T-axis aims to reconnect the city with nature and its waterfront by creating a lagoon on the site of the former China-Town...
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Civitas and Stantec Winners of Back to the River Design Competition
Civitas: Landscape Architecture Firm and Stantec Consulting Ltd were announced as the winning team of the Back to the River design competition.
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THINK public SPACE Honorable Mention 2 - 2 Public Spaces in Vienna
The results of this year's international conceptual architectural competition of the THINK SPACE programme - THINK public SPACE were recently announced. For the Think Public Space competition, 183 competitors from 29 countries have explored the contemporary notion of public space offering 76 concepts, ideas and scenarios in what we...
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KU.BE The Tall Gardens designed by Svendborg Architects and junya.ishigami+associates in Frederiksberg, Denmark
A competition entry for a new cultural and movement house in Frederiksberg, Denmark. Since the founding of Frederiksberg, the green environment has been greatly appreciated. The small gardens, Frederiksberg Garden and Søndermarken are all places where people can both enjoy nature and be active. Frederiksberg therefore...
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Geographies of War / Landscape Design Concept Entry for WWI National Memorial Competition in Washington DC
In December 2014, one hundred years after the start of the war, the U.S. Congress passed legislation to redress having omitted to commemorate veterans of the WWI in the nations capital city. Congress authorized the U.S. World War I Centennial Commission to establish a new memorial on Pennsylvania Avenue,...
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James Corner Field Operations wins the Presidio Parklands Competition in San Francisco, United States
The Presidio Trust has just announced the winning team to design thirteen acres of new parkland at renowned landmark in San Francisco, including the transformation of an elevated highway into parkland.
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The Lawn designed by ATLAS Lab in Flint, Michigan
The Lawn by ATLAS Lab proposes a new urban park typology for Downtown Flint, MI that informs and connects users to the rich culture of downtown, the Flint River and the city's park network to cultivate a new and contemporary for the City. The Lawn seeks to strengthen Flint's...
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Render Markey Canopy / Capitol Canopy designed by ATLAS Lab in Sacramento, California, United States - Competition 1st Prize Winner
Capitol Canopy is a first prize concept proposal designed by ATLAS Lab. The urban forest is an important part of every thriving city. Tree canopies provide critical services for the city, including reducing heat island effects though the provision of shade and the creation of microclimates. With a large...
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Colwell Shelor+ West 8+ Weddle Gilmore has been selected to lead the design process to transform 19 acres surrounding Mesa's City Hall into a one of a kind civic space which will capture and enhance the urbanizing momentum of Mesa's downtown core. The team was unanimously selected by the...
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Curating the Common concept designed by ATLAS Lab / Bernardine Monastery Competition in Lviv, Ukraine
The redevelopment of the Bernadine Monastery Complex is based on the need to cultivate the district's contemporary identity and needs while engaging with the site's unique heritage. The system of open spaces and streets that encompass the complex need to reveal the multiple layers of both historic and contemporary...
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Summer - Gellerup Gror Landscape and Urban Revitalization proposal designed by Ecosistema Urbano and Kristin Jensen, Aarhus Denmark
Gellerup Gror Landscape and Urban Revitalization is a shortlisted conceptual project co-designed by Ecosistema Urbano and Kristin Jensen. The main objectives of the landscape intervention were urban revitalization and social activation. Gellerup is a predominantly residential area in the western part of the city of Aarhus...
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Tornado Catcher designed by ONZ Architects finalist in the Wynwood Gateway Park Competition / Miami
Tornado Catcher designed by ONZ Architects was one of the 11 finalist proposals for the Wynwood Gateway Park Competition organized by Dawntown Miami + Metro 1. Nature is the powerful force to shape the earth to keep its balance. Besides all that it gives to humankind...
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Anacostia Crossing Navy Yard View proposal by OLIN / OMA
Four design concepts have been revealed as part of a six month nationwide design competition for the 11th Street Bridge Park. Nationally and internationally recognized design teams of Landscape architects, architects and structural engineers, such as Balmori Associates, OMA, NEXT Architects, STOSS Landscape Urbanism to name but a few,...
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The Wind Dancer - Mesa City Center Competition 2014 - Design Proposal #1
On Thursday 28th of August the final concept designs for Mesa City Center were presented to the public in a reveal event held in downtown Mesa, Arizona.
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Entorse Festival Installation in Lille by AZC
In this artistic project AZC seeks to provoke within the community the question: "what is happening here?" To achieve this they superimpose strange objects within the familiar urban contexts. Our bizarre objects are inspired by the much loved characters from the 1978 video game, by Japanese...
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Aerial View of the New Holland Island Cultural Center Masterplan by WORKac in Saint Petersburg, Russia
New Holland is an 8-hectare island in the heart of St Petersburg. Conceived by Peter the Great for the Russian Navy, it became Russia's first military port and was inaccessible to the public for 300 years. After a brief opening to the public, the first phase of WORKac's completed...
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Urban Recreation / FLEXSTREET Linear Park - Design Proposal by ATLAS Lab
FLEXSTREET is a design proposal by ATLAS Lab and Scott Allen for the Sixty-Nine | Seventy Urban Design Competition, addressing the downtown Salt Lake City main street. Project Statement from the Landscape Architects Today, Salt Lake City's existing cultural cores are...
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Perspective - Madách Square by Studio Nomad in Budapest, Hungary - Landscape Architecture Student Competition 2012
The Madách Square is situated in the center of Budapest, and now used as a parking area. Studio Nomad`s proposal was designed for a student competition. Their goal was to create a multipurpose square, that fits in the existing environment. For that reason most of the...
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