Corten Steel 'Flowers' / Sharpeville Memorial Garden designed by GREENinc Landscape Architecture in South Africa
On the 21st of March 1960, the Sharpeville Massacre – also known as the Sharpeville Shootings – occurred when the Pan Africanist Congress organised a peaceful protest in which black Africans burnt their pass books which restricted them from entering certain areas. The event which started out as a...
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Aerial View of the Riverwalk Commons / Story Pod (street library) designed by AKB in the Town of Newmarket, Ontario, Canada © Bob Gundu
The Story Pod echoes AKB's renowned residential projects with a pure, simple form that belies a deeply thoughtful approach to architecture. The abstract, black volume — a compact 8' w by 8' d by 10' h — serves as a book exchange and an urban marker in the town...
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Jardin de mi Hospi 'La Paz' designed by A-cero in collaboration with Juegaterapia at Hospital Universitario Materno Infantil La Paz in Madrid, Spain
'El jardín de mi Hospi' is one of the most special projects carried out by the study in close collaboration with the NGO Juegaterapia. This charity project has been ​​possible thanks to the collaboration of several companies and donations from organizations and thousands of anonymous people. Studio A-cero has...
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Elevation Detail of ‘The Living Dam’. Showing the strata of the Upper Reservoir, Sluice Referendum Chamber, Living, Purification Gardens and Lower Reservoir.  Daily referendums are held by the inhabitants in the Sluice Referendum Chamber to decide on the
A proposal for the construction of Lake Stew, and a better typology of dam by Louis Sullivan, for the 5th year MArch project at the Bartlett School of Architecture. In response to the UK's imminent water crisis, brought through an increase in population, water usage and...
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Park Groot Schijn by MAXWAN architects + urbanists in Antwerp, Belgium © Filip Dujardin
Park Groot Schijn by MAXWAN architects + urbanists is the first detailed design of the Ruggeveld masterplan. The planning area covers 6.5 hectares and is located south of the E313 highway. The program includes park design (the blueprint for the "green seams" throughout the entire masterplan),...
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Summer - Gellerup Gror Landscape and Urban Revitalization proposal designed by Ecosistema Urbano and Kristin Jensen, Aarhus Denmark
Gellerup Gror Landscape and Urban Revitalization is a shortlisted conceptual project co-designed by Ecosistema Urbano and Kristin Jensen. The main objectives of the landscape intervention were urban revitalization and social activation. Gellerup is a predominantly residential area in the western part of the city of Aarhus...
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Paving Pattern at Levinson Plaza designed by Mikyoung Kim Design in Boston, MA, United States
Mikyoung Kim Design envisioned Levinson Plaza as an urban grove, this central gathering space represents the convergence of community in this diverse, mixed income, residential development. The design accommodates a complex program, layering the varied multi-cultural and inter-generational uses with a number of meaningful gathering and recreational spaces for...
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