Corporate Plaza and Lotus Pond / Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS) Headquarters designed by XSiTE Design Studio in Bangkok, Thailand
Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS) is a Thailand's first free-to-air national public broadcaster, that needed new headquarters which are equipped with state-of-the-art broadcasting, production and studio facilities. That can support more than thousand visitors every year. XSiTE Design Studio was invited to participate in a landscape architecture design...
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Corten Steel 'Flowers' / Sharpeville Memorial Garden designed by GREENinc Landscape Architecture in South Africa
On the 21st of March 1960, the Sharpeville Massacre – also known as the Sharpeville Shootings – occurred when the Pan Africanist Congress organised a peaceful protest in which black Africans burnt their pass books which restricted them from entering certain areas. The event which started out as a...
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Outdoor Amphitheatre / Zandweteringpark designed by Feddes/Olthof Landscape Architects in Deventer, Netherlands
The Zandweteringpark is a large park in the north of Deventer, Netherlands. The park combines recreation, ecology and water storage. The basis of the park is a new groundform with lowered parts and raised parts. The wetlands in the lowered zone have a ecological function and a function for...
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The study area is located in the region of Anatoli in Ioannina which is a residential area with low building factor and height. This is a new built area that mostly includes modern townhouses. FParchitect's main purpose was to create a modern urban park that hosts many different activities...
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Outdoor Amphitheater / Aarhus University Campus designed by C.F. Møller in Aarhus, Denmark
The Aarhus University Campus is situated around a distinct moraine gorge and the buildings for the departments and faculties are placed on the slopes, from the main buildings alongside the ring road to the center of the city at Nørreport. The original scheme for the campus...
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Aerial View / Atlantic Park (Vaguada de la Llamas) by Battle i Roig in Santander,  Spain © Jorge Poo
La Vaguada de las Llamas was a large tract of open space on the outskirts of Santander set aside by the city's Master Plan to be turned into a public park. Its location, at the center of major urban growth perpendicular to El Sardinero beach, its special river-bed topography...
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Aerial - Playa Vista Park designed by Michael Maltzan Architecture located in Los, Angeles, California
The 8-acre Playa Vista Central Park designed by Michael Maltzan Architecture provides an infrastructure of recreation and performance spaces to support expansive experience of public space in our city. Located at the eastern terminus of one of the largest infill urban developments in the United States, the Park creates...
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National Arboretum Canberra by Taylor Cullity Lethlean
The National Arboretum Canberra designed by Taylor Cullity Lethlean, redefines the meaning of a public garden in the 21st Century. It comprises 100 forests of endangered tree species from around the world on a 250 hectare former fire ravaged site. In 2004 following devastating fires in...
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The Forum / D-LIM Architect / Roof Garden / South Korea
The project is a multi-functional facility for CJ, one of the biggest conglomerates in Korea. It is located at CJ's golf club in the Cheju Island. Cheju is famous for its natural landscape, and the site is surrounded by natural forests. D·LIM architects proposed that the building should stand...
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