Corten Steel 'Flowers' / Sharpeville Memorial Garden designed by GREENinc Landscape Architecture in South Africa
On the 21st of March 1960, the Sharpeville Massacre – also known as the Sharpeville Shootings – occurred when the Pan Africanist Congress organised a peaceful protest in which black Africans burnt their pass books which restricted them from entering certain areas. The event which started out as a...
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Jardin de mi Hospi 'La Paz' designed by A-cero in collaboration with Juegaterapia at Hospital Universitario Materno Infantil La Paz in Madrid, Spain
'El jardín de mi Hospi' is one of the most special projects carried out by the study in close collaboration with the NGO Juegaterapia. This charity project has been ​​possible thanks to the collaboration of several companies and donations from organizations and thousands of anonymous people. Studio A-cero has...
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Monument for Parallel Lives designed by ARCHETONIC / Jacobo Mizrahi in Veracruz Port, Mexico
The proposal for a monument in the port of Veracruz to commemorate 100 years of Jewish immigration came about after an open competition was announced for Mexican and international architects, designers, visual artists, organized by the central committee of the Jewish community in Mexico. This symbolic project was made...
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The Canadian Firefighters Memorial designed by PLANT Architect Inc. in Ottawa, Canada © Steven Evans
The Canadian Firefighters Memorial is located at the site of the capital's devastating fire of 1900. This urban-planning memorial ensemble was collaboratively designed by PLANT Architect Inc. and Canadian visual artist and novelist Douglas Coupland. The team won the national competition hosted by the Canadian Fallen Firefighters Foundation (CFFF)...
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Dispersion / Su-in Memorial Park Sculpture designed by Yong Ju Lee in Suwon, South Korea
Dispersion is a recently completed sculpture designed by Yong Ju Lee, winner of the Su-in Line Memorial Sculpture Competition. Su-in Line was opened in 1937. Its narrow-gauge railway was shut down in 1995 and younger generation does barely know about it. However, older people have lots...
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Peel Entrance – Mount Royal Park designed by Groupe IBI-CHBA in Montreal, Canada photography © Marc Cramer
Designed by Frederick Law Olmsted in 1874, Mount-Royal Park has over five million visitors per year. Prior to its restoration, the Peel sector was desolate; a crumbling wall, a stairway in ruins, and muddy pathways; the link into the park was tenuous. Nonetheless, its natural and picturesque character were...
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Memorial Bridge designed by Studio 3LHD in Rijeka, Croatia © 3LHD
The Memorial Bridge designed by Studio 3LHD is a spatial intervention and an urban public object, a construction with tactile properties and a symbolic object. It is a pedestrian bridge that embodies the utilitarian function and a memory of the Croatian War of Independence veterans, a place of memory...
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YUL Sales Office designed by NIPpaysage in Montreal, Canada
NIPpaysage has designed a paint installation project for the YUL condominium sales office in Montreal, Canada. The design was inspired by the paint marks on airport runways and it includes pedestrian circulation marks and a parking lot. Not an ordinary landscape project, this striped installation...
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Memorial to the 1956 Hungarian Revolution and War of Independence designed by I-Ypszilon in Budapest, Hungary
In 2005 approaching the 50th anniversary of the Revolution and suppressed War of Independence in which Hungarian rebels tried to push Soviet troops out of the country, the Hungarian government launched an international open competition for a new monument to honor the country's victory for freedom. An international jury...
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Green Roof at the Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust by Belzberg Architects
Belzberg Architects were comissioned to design a new building for the Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust, the result was an elegant organic building that merges with the surrounding landscape of the park. From the architects. Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust (LAMH) was founded...
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Fields of Memory: Atlantic City Boardwalk Holocaust Memorial Proposal by SAYA - Landscape Architecture
The competition: The Atlantic City Holocaust Memorial Board held an open international competition for selecting a design for the city's prominent boardwalk. 712 proposals have been submitted from 55 countries. These have been shortlisted to 13 finalists, then narrowed down to 6, and finally...
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