Aurland Lookout designed by Saunders Architects and Tommie Wilhelmsen in Norway © Bent Rene Synnevaag
Saunders Arkitektur
Aurland, Norway
Pyramidal Green Roofs / Biesbosch Museum Island designed by Studio Marco Vermeulen in Werkendam, Netherlands © Ronald Tilleman
Studio Marco Vermeulen
Werkendam, Netherlands
Cape Square Durrës 'Sfinxit' designed by BOOM Landscape and City Förster in Albania
BOOM Landscape & Cityförster
Durrës, Albania
Flederhaus designed by heri&salli in Vienna, Austria © Mischa Erben
Vienna, Austria
Forest Stair at Sti For Øye Sculpture Park designed by Saunders Arkitektur in Stokke, Norway © Bent René Synnevåg
Saunders Arkitektur
Stokke, Norway
Hamra National Park designed by White in Sweden
Lillhärdal, Sweden
Lisbon Falls Installation at Fonte Luminosa designed by Marcelo Dantas in Lisbon, Portugal
Marcelo Dantas
Lisbon, Portugal
Pedreira do Campo designed by M - Arquitectos and Resendes Sousa Arquitectos in Vila do Porto, Portugal © Artur Silva
M - Arquitectos / Resendes Sousa Arquitectos
Vila do Porto, Portugal
San Martín de la Mar designed by Zigzag Arquitectura in Santander, Spain © Roland Halbe
Zigzag Arquitectura
Santander, Spain
Selvika National Tourist Route designed by Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter in Havøysund, Norway © RRA
Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter
Havøysund, Norway
Solberg Tower and Rest Area designed by Saunders Arkitektur in Sarpsborg, Norway © Bent Rene Synnevaag
Saunders Arkitektur
Sarpsborg, Norway
Sustainable Hothouses Aarhus University Botanical Garden by C.F.Moller in Denmark © Quintin Lake
C.F. Møller
Aarhus, Denmark
The Elastic Perspective by NEXT Architects / Netherlands
NEXT Architects
Barendrecht , Netherland
Elevation Detail of ‘The Living Dam’. Showing the strata of the Upper Reservoir, Sluice Referendum Chamber, Living, Purification Gardens and Lower Reservoir.  Daily referendums are held by the inhabitants in the Sluice Referendum Chamber to decide on the
Louis Sullivan
Bedford, England
Top of Tyrol Mountain Peak Lookout Platform designed by LAAC Architekten in Tirol, Austria © LAAC Architekten
LAAC Architects
Innsbruck, Austria
Venice Park designed by Héctor Fernández Elorza and Manuel Fernández Ramírez in Zaragoza, Spain
Héctor Fernández Elorza and Manuel Fernánd...
Zaragoza, Spain
Eagle Nest / Wild Walk designed by Charles P. Chip Reay in the Adirondack Mountains, Tupper Lake, New York, United States
Charles P. Reay
Tupper Lake, United States
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