Los Trompos / Spinning Tops installation designed by Esrawe + Cadena in Atlanta, Georgia, United States © Esrawe + Cadena
Esrawe + Cadena
Atlanta, United States
Vaulted Willow designed by Marc Fornes / THEVERYMANY in Edmonton Canada
Edmonton, Canada
15 Knots - temporary installation - designed by ATLAS Lab for the Jardins de Metis 2012-2013, Canada
Grand-Métis, Canada
The Tenth Spring 'Un dixième Printemps' Ephemeral Installation designed by Mickaël MARTIN, Margaux RODOT, Benoît TASTET for Festival des Architectures Vives in Montpellier, France
Martin, Rodot, Tastet
Montpellier, France
Asphalt Spot designed by New Territories in Tokamashi, Japan
New-territories / R&Sie(n)
Tōkamachi-shi, Japan
Bloom Pavilion designed by NAS Architecture for the Chaumont-sur-Loire International Garden Festival  in France
NAS Architecture
Chaumont-sur-Loire, France
Boomerang Bench designed by Anna Szonyi for the Urban Commissions - Dubai Design District
Anna Szonyi
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
The shape and design of the pavilion’s biomorphic outer shell are the product of an intense formal exploration of parametric design strategies in dialog with traditional Arabian ornamentation. Butterfly Pavilion – Noor Island designed by 3deluxe in Sharja
Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
Cassa Piazza designed and built within the Caposaz Architectural Workshop in Transacqua, Italy
Transacqua, Italy
Divided Street urban art installation designed by mmmm... for Festival Intramurs 2015 in Valencia, Spain
Valencia, Spain
Drawing Lines by x-studio : : ivan juarez in Cleveland, United States
x-studio : : ivan juarez
Cleveland, United States
Dynamic Relaxation designed by HG - Architecture for SOMA in Seoul, South Korea © Kyungsub Shin
HG - Architecture
Seoul, South Korea
Entorse Festival Installation in Lille by AZC
Lille, France
Fata Morgana designed by Teresita Fernandez / Temporary art installation at Madison Square Park in Manhattan, New York
Teresita Fernández
New York, United States
Flederhaus designed by heri&salli in Vienna, Austria © Mischa Erben
Vienna, Austria
Floating Flower Garden designed by teamLab in Tokyo, Japan
Tokyo, Japan
Flores de Manjerico by FAHR 021.3. in Porto, Portugal © Filipa Frois Almeida
FAHR 021.3
Porto, Portugal
Forest Megaphones designed and built by Estonian students of the Academy of Art department of Interior Architecture at Pähni Nature Center © Tõnu Tunnel
Students of Estonian Academy of Arts
Pähni, Estonia
Giant Lampshades by Lightemotion Create Spectacular Urban Lighting in Quebec City, Canada © Patrick Mevel
Quebec City, Canada
Green Dunes (smart acoustic green) by Blumohito and Civic Workshop in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE)
Aldo Cibic | Blumohito
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Lisbon Falls Installation at Fonte Luminosa designed by Marcelo Dantas in Lisbon, Portugal
Marcelo Dantas
Lisbon, Portugal
Living Room - art installation - by Hannah Chalew
Hannah Chalew
New Orleans, United States
Sound, Light, Interactive Installation / Lovejoy Fountain Activation by Second Story in Portland, Oregon, United States
Second Story
Portland, United States
Mi Casa, Your Casa art installation by Esrawe + Cadena at the High Museum of Art, Atlanta
Esrawe + Cadena
Atlanta, United States
MoCA Minimal Relaxation Installation designed by Synthesis Design and Architecture + USC AAC Students in Shanghai, China
Synthesis Design + Architecture and USC AAC
Shanghai, China
Delirious Frites designed by Les Astronautes in Quebec City, Canada
Les Astronautes
Quebec City, Canada
North of 60 designed by Shift Landscape Architecture  - displayed at Canada Blooms
Shift Landscape Architecture
Toronto, Canada
View from the overpass - Osaka Board Game Park / TOFU Architects
TOFU Architects
Osaka , Japan
PIC Pavilion designed by Cadaval & Solà-Morales at Robert Palace, Barcelona, Spain © Sandra Pereznieto
Cadaval & Solà-Morales
Barcelona, Spain
Pollinators Paradise by Benjamin Spöth
Benjamin Spöth
Eindhoven, Netherlands
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