Pyramidal Green Roofs / Biesbosch Museum Island designed by Studio Marco Vermeulen in Werkendam, Netherlands © Ronald Tilleman
Studio Marco Vermeulen
Werkendam, Netherlands
The shape and design of the pavilion’s biomorphic outer shell are the product of an intense formal exploration of parametric design strategies in dialog with traditional Arabian ornamentation. Butterfly Pavilion – Noor Island designed by 3deluxe in Sharja
Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
Cape Square Durrës 'Sfinxit' designed by BOOM Landscape and City Förster in Albania
BOOM Landscape & Cityförster
Durrës, Albania
Erie Street Plaza designed by Stoss in Milwaukee, WI, United States
Milwaukee, United States
Fish Market Square / Fisketorget Plaza designed by Thorbjörn Andersson & Sweco Architects in Karlskorna, Sweden
Thorbjörn Andersson & Sweco Architects
Karlskrona, Sweden
Keast Park designed by Site Office in Seaford, Australia
Site Office
Seaford, Australia
Keelung Port designed by Guallart Architects and Maria Diaz in Keelung City, Taiwan
Guallart Architects and Maria Diaz
Keelung, Taiwan
Kustzone Katwijk designed by OKRA Landschapsarchitecten in Katwijk, Netherlands © OnSite Photography
OKRA Landschapsarchitecten
Katwijk, Netherlands
Lone Outdoor Pools designed by Studio 3LHD in Rovinj, Croatia ©  Joao Morgado
Studio 3LHD
Rovinj, Croatia
Paul Sangha Landscape Architecture
Vancouver, Canada
Mills Beach Revitalization / Praia dos Moinhos designed by M - Arquitectos in Porto Formoso, Ilha de Sao Miguel, Portugal © Paulo Goulart
M - Arquitectos
Porto Formoso, Portugal
Mulini Beach designed by Studio 3LHD in Ronvinj, Croatia © Joao Morgado
Studio 3LHD
Rovinj, Croatia
Pedreira do Campo designed by M - Arquitectos and Resendes Sousa Arquitectos in Vila do Porto, Portugal © Artur Silva
M - Arquitectos / Resendes Sousa Arquitectos
Vila do Porto, Portugal
Pinar de Perruquet (8)
Arteks Arquitectura
Villa-Seca, Spain
Riva Split Waterfront design by Studio 3LHD in Croatia © Domagoj Blazevic
Studio 3LHD
Split, Croatia
San Martín de la Mar designed by Zigzag Arquitectura in Santander, Spain © Roland Halbe
Zigzag Arquitectura
Santander, Spain
Selvika National Tourist Route designed by Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter in Havøysund, Norway © RRA
Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter
Havøysund, Norway
Terraced lawn and paving / Shanthi Nivas designed by One Landscape Design Limited in Chennai, India
One Landscape Design Limited
Chennai, India
Sowwah Square designed by Martha Schwartz Partners in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (c) Duncan Chard
Martha Schwartz Partners
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Organic Shaped Stepping Stones / Summer designed by Shma Designs in Hua Hin, Thailand © Pirak Anurakyawachon
Shma Designs
Hua Hin, Thailand
Longest bench in the world / Studio Weave / Littlehampton, England 01
Studio Weave
Littlehampton, England
Aerial View / Atlantic Park (Vaguada de la Llamas) by Battle i Roig in Santander,  Spain © Jorge Poo
Batlle i Roig
Santander, Spain
Vinaròs Microcoasts designed by Guallart Architects and Marta Malé Alemany in Spain
Guallart Architects and Marta Malé Alemany
Vinaròs, Spain
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